About ZDC


Z-Com Inc, headquartered in Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park in Taiwan, is a leading global solution provider dedicated to the research, design, development, and manufacturing of wireless data solutions for broadband wireless Internet access as well as various mobile data applications. For the past few decades, Z-Com has outshined the competition by focusing on its goal to deliver solid-quality and high-performance yet cost-effective wireless networking devices and system total solutions to its global customers.


Here at ZDC, we feature a most complete line of WLAN products, including Network Access Controller, Wireless Enterprise Access Point and LTE-Fi Access Point. We also do manufacturing for ZDC products and current annual capacity is planned to reach 3600K pcs of wireless products production in year 2014. With expert design, engineering and manufacturing, our products seek to bring closer a future of WLAN proliferation such that wireless broadband networking can be an integral part of your life, anytime and anywhere.


ZDC brand specializes in broadband wireless products for the following environments and application.

  • Oil & Mining – Internet access & communications
  • Security – Video Surveillance
  • Hospitality – Wireless access & hotspot
  • Entertainment – Wireless connectivity for gaming devices, consoles, displays, etc…
  • Media & Advertisement – Digital Signage
  • Education – wireless teaching aids
  • Healthcare – Wireless monitoring equipment – Tele-diagnostics
  • Industrial – Monitoring & Internet access
  • Transportation – Wireless connectivity and LTE-Fi
  • Warehousing & Logistics – Inventory and process management
  • Retail – POS connectivity
  • Manufacturing – Tracking, monitoring and control
  • Government – Wireless connectivity in law enforcement & municipal buildings
  • Fixed Wireless – Point to point, Point to multipoint, and WISP options
  • Enterprise – Corporate networks & Video Teleconferencing
  • SMB (Small to Medium Businesses) – Wireless network access
  • Financial & Credit Card Tractions
  • Shipping & Marina – Ship to Ship communication & Marina Wi-Fi
  • Carrier & Telecommunications – Wi-Fi offloading (3G/4G/LTE)
  • Metro & City – Wireless access in high density areas
  • Hot Spot
  • Education
  • Factory & Inventory Management – Manufacturing processes
  • Rural Connectivity
  • Last Mile connections