ZDC Wireless Successfully Deployed Managed WiFi Solution at Aztech Factory

ZDC Wireless Successfully Deployed Managed WiFi Solution at Aztech Factory

Aztech factory build with modern state of the art facilities with a total investment of about 200 million Hong Kong dollars, with a total area of ​​41,000 square meters, total construction area of ​​42,000 square meters. 1200 workers working in the factory.



Established in 1986, Aztech a leading manufacturer and supplier of multimedia solutions for desktop PCs, with a strong global foothold in sound card and CD-ROM drive products. In the 1990s, Aztech advanced to the broadband and home networking arena, building on its core competencies in the design and manufacture of modems.Today, Aztech is a dynamic international group with key activities in Electronics Design & Manufacturing, LED Lighting, Materials Supply, Marine Logistics and Food Supply. The Group is headquartered in Singapore with support offices in USA, Germany, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China, as well as a vertically integrated manufacturing plant in China.


Aztech aim to provide more convenienceenvironment for all their employees by offering freeInternet access. With a vast area that need to coverage and 1200 employees that need wifi access are the key challenge of this project. 

  • WiFi coverage for 4 buildings (dormitory)

  • WiFi coverage for a dinning hall

  • WiFi coverage for a basketball court

  • Number of employee : 1,200

  • Min. -70dbm signal strength

  • Min. 200kbps of each user

  • Min 200 concurrent users at dinner hall

  • Internet access scheduling

  • Minimize the number of access point

  • Co-existing with current network devices

  • System alert to administrator via email


  • 1 x WS-5000-WS5 Controller 
  • 2 x ZN-1000-BS Outdoor smart WiFi AP 
  • 26 x ZN-7100-2DHO Dual radios dual bands indoor Managed APs




Product Features: 

  • Effective Seamless Wi-Fi Roaming.  Having ultimate control over your wireless access point, the AP controller is able to immediately adjust the wireless connectivity of one user to another Access point in a smooth transition if a user would be shifting his location (e.g. from one building to another).

  • Load Balancing. Instances wherein an access point accommodates too many clients, client connectivity can easily be transferred to other nearby  access  point  to  maximize  the  overall performance  of  each access point.

  • RF Management for Self Healing. In an event wherein an access point encounters a
    failure, AP controller can easily adjust the frequency provided by nearby access
    points to avoid connectivity disruption.

  • Power Over Ethernet. Maximizing the positioning of access points, the ZDC AP
    controller can easily provide both data and power through regular Ethernet
    cables, removing the constant need of providing power outlets near your access


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