Key Features:

  • From 256 managed APs to 12,288 APs 
  • Centralized and local data forwarding Mode
  • Auto AP Discovery and zero-touch provisioning
  • Dynamic channel and power management
  • Intergraded and external captive portal Supported Coovachili Ready
  • Local user authentication database 
    SSID-based bandwidth control 
  • Load balancing 
  • QOS with WLAN prioritization 
  • N+1 Redundancy 
  • Rogue AP detection 


Zcomax ‘s ZA-5000 Series Wireless LAN controller is an ideal solution that is specifically designed to meet the needs of the small-to-medium size enterprise wireless network, as well as hotspots and remote branch offices. What is the benefit of using our wireless LAN controller? You will no longer need to individually configure and control a fleet of autonomous access points.

The Controller will automatically discover the access points on your network, provision, authenticate, implement firewall and VLAN policies, and provide for more efficient roaming of clients. With centralized management, your network’s performance and security will be greatly improved. The ZA-5000-series  WLAN controller supports up from 256 access points to 12,288 APs. It includes bandwidth control, wireless intrusion protection, and support for future scalability without the need for any additional licenses.


Simple deployment, Zero-touch provisioning 

A few simple steps and the ZA-5000 Series can be deployed into your existing network and ready to go. Access points can be automatically discovered, instantly added to the network, and then managed by the controller. 

Automatic RF management

The ZA-5000 Series will automatically adjust the access points’ channel assignments and transmit power levels in order avoid or mitigate interference from surrounding APs. In the event of an AP failure, the ZA-5000-WS5 can adjust the transmit power of the remaining APs in order to make up for the loss in coverage. 

Secure and reliable wireless connectivity

The ZA-5000 Series supports the latest WLAN security protocols found in the enterprise market. In addition to this, it includes advanced security features such as ACL, stateful firewalls, DHCP snooping, ARP protection, and rogue access point detection. 

Flexible data forwarding architecture

The ZA-5000 Series provides secure centralized forwarding of data by tunnelling all the wireless traffic to the controller. Furthermore, you can locally forward all the data traffic by routing it directly from the access points to the wired network in order to maximize throughput. 

User-role based access policies

The ZA-5000 Series provides enterprise-class 802.1X support for wireless client authentication. For first-time connections, HTTP web authentication allows for a “one-time authentication” for users. This directs them to a captive web portal. 

Real time monitoring and troubleshooting

The ZA-5000 Series gives network administrators an informative graphical view of the users, as well as the wireless network’s traffic details. This information can be used to monitor and troubleshoot the performance of the network in real time, which is essential to enterprise and campus environments.